Digital assistant for fully automatic
value stream mapping

fLUMEN is revolutionizing the way companies
see and analyze their value chain.

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fLUMEN. Your digital future.

Globalization and the technification of products increase the complexity along the entire value chain. An overview loss is the result. Exploit the possibilities of your company data efficiently and optimize - from supplier over the production up to the customer - the entire value added chain of your enterprise.

fLUMEN. Your digital twin.

The digital twin fLUMEN is the virtual image of the company and shows the actual situation of the supply chain of suppliers, production and customers. fLUMEN is a tool to determine the operating status of the company, to identify the source of the problem at an early stage and to quickly initiate countermeasures. Through the combination of information, the operation is considered from as many views as possible to reveal hidden correlations between sub-areas.



fLUMEN. Your digital assistent.

The digital assistant creates fully automatic value stream analyzes, advises you on
operational and strategic decision-making issues, leads you to wastes in your processes and
shows you intelligent solutions. With it you will find the biggest lever in your system and
discover optimization potential in the sense of a lean production.

fLUMEN. Your advantages.

Transparent and clear actual status in real time

High speed of analyzation and flexibility through the combination of information

High usability through intuitive user interface and operation

Recognize waste and take action

Identify risks early through visualization and correlations
7 million times faster than conventional methods


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Designer - digital twin

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Informationtechnology - digital twin

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